Hello! We hope you can join Rich and Usha on May 18, 2019 to help celebrate their wedding in Atlanta!


Rich's Story

Originally born in New York, Rich and his family moved to Alpharetta in 1986. While majoring in Psychology at the University of Georgia, his interest in computers and technology piqued, while trying to figure out how to pirate music (RIP Napster) and make his computer games run better.

Rich currently lives in Brookhaven and works in Johns Creek as an IT Security Architect.

He is currently sitting in a data center, staring at a computer screen, trying to figure out where he should eat next.

Go Dawgs!

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Usha's Story

Usha was born in Montreal, Canada; she is the younger of two children.  Her earliest childhood memories were of building snowmen with her dad and brother, going ice skating and attending the local private Catholic school where she was regarded as the weird kid because she was actually Hindu.

When she was eight, she relocated to the Atlanta area with her family.  After graduating from High School she studied at Kennesaw State University where she earned her degree in Business with her concentration in Accounting.

Since then Usha has been working in the world of Accounting and Finance; which roughly translates to sitting in a cube and counting other people’s money commonly regarded as “counting beans.”

Usha currently lives in Lilburn with her mom, her older brother and their three cats, Tarzan, JoJo and Olga.


Our Relationship

They say “Good things come to those who wait” and that is definitely the case with Richard and Usha.

Rich and Usha met on December 13, 2014 after a brief attempt with online dating.

When Rich asked Usha to meet him for drinks at a local restaurant, little did she know that, that night would be the one that would eventually change the course of her life.

After the initial date, they knew they would be seeing each other again. They spent the next few years enjoying each other’s company and exploring their mutual love of Atlanta, the city they both grew up in.

Rich and Usha both come from large devoted families and have a large network of loving and supportive friends. They also enjoy traveling and seeing different places, useless movie trivia and trying out different local dining options.

There are many causes that are very dear to their hearts and they enjoy giving back to the community in their own ways.

After this last year of dating it became apparent to the both of them that they had found that special person they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with.

Rich asked Usha to marry him in a surprise rooftop proposal and the rest is history.